Trip Planner

Create Your Own Trip

About Trip Planner and how to use them

Purpose of the Trip Planner

  • The trip planner allows you to create and organize your own trip through the State Hermitage museum based on your favorite works of art, collections, locations and exhibitions.

  • In addition, you can use the "create a trip" option on your personal collection page to generate personalized directions that lead you from one of your favorite artworks to the other.

  • A trip can be shared via different social networks or might be downloaded as pdf file for paper based directions.

How to find my trip:

  • You can easily access your trip via your profile page.

  • Just click on your profile picture on the very top of the website and select "user profile".

  • In case you can not see your profile picture, you have to log-in first.

How it works:

  1. On each work of art page you find such a button:

  2. alt
  3. Clicking this button adds the chosen element to your trip.

  4. A notification will confirm your choice.

Where to start:

You may want to choose an element for your trip from one of the following options: